From your house to your city, going through the planet!

EnergyCity provides thermal maps of the city that can be used by administrators to plan upgrading interventions on those urban areas where the heat loss of buildings is extremely high.

Bologna, Treviso, along with Budapest, Prague, Munich, Ludwigsburg and Velenje are subject matter of the project EnergyCity. The seven case studies will help gather information and recommendations useful to support a model of governance for energy saving policies and strategies ensuring sustainable urban transformations.

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Funded by the European Community under the Central Europe Program, the project aims to raise awareness among decision makers, urban planners and citizens on energy efficiency matters. Our blog lists cases and information about the project and its development. We also gather interesting energy efficiency ideas from the web.

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Every house, building, office retains heat in different ways, thus affecting differently the consumption of each family, and consequently the bill! We developed a nice and simple web game that allows you to measure the energetic impact of your house. Have Fun!

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